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Magna Knives is proud to carry stock from many of the most respected makers and brands around the globe.
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Magna Knives’ collection of Benchmade Knives, including the trusted Osborne family, Bugout family, and more.

Brian Brown Knives

Australian Authorised Dealer.

After the explosive success of Brian Brown’s Custom Yeager, premium production models have been meticulously assembled to get the Yeager into even more knife loving hands.

Chris Reeve

Magna Knives’ collection of industry icon Chris Reeve Knives (CRK), including the legendary Umnumzaan, Sebenza, and Inkosi.

Custom Knife Factory

CKF is known for their high-end production versions of the most revered custom knife maker designs in the world.


The result of superlative CNC machining and precision handwork, the Koenig Arius is a truly special knife.

KPL oils

High performance lubricant offering enhanced smoothness and corrosion protection – KPL is the lube of choice for users and collectors alike.


Keep your knives perfectly tuned with a dab of Loctite!

Lynch Northwest

Australian Authorised Dealer

Individually made and hand finished in the USA, Lynch Prybars are ready to be put to work with a legendary no questions asked warranty. Level up your favourite knives with Lynch clips! Hand formed and finished in the USA from locally sourced 6AL-4V Titanium, each clip carries a lifetime guarantee.

McNees Knives

Australian Authorised Dealer.

Proudly made in the USA, McNees Knives’ Performance Machined line are top tier knives assembled with the best parts available.

Mick Strider

Mick Strider Knives offer incredible ergonomics, unique design language, and hard-use performance in their SnG, SMF, and PT models.


Constantly innovating, Microtech Knives produces a vast assortment of premium knives, such as the Socom Elite Manual.

Monkey Edge

Extremely sought after and extremely limited, Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern exclusives are the ultimate grail for many.

Pelican / Nalpak

Pelican cases with custom Nalpak foam inserts – the best way to protect your most cherished knives.


The elusive Pro-Tech Malibu and Mordax are two of the very few Pro-Tech models permitted in Australia – they’re also fantastic users and flippers.

Qvist Bladeworks

Australian Authorised Dealer.

Offering quality well above their price point, the Variant PE2 and Vanish are fantastic knives.

Rick Hinderer

Magna Knives’ collection of Rick Hinderer knives, including the ever-popular XM-18, Eklipse, Jurassic, and Monkey Edge Exclusives.

Sharp By Design

Australian Authorised Dealer.

SharpByDesign designs and builds some of the most exquisite knives around. Brian Nadeau’s love for his craft has established him as a truly innovative knife maker.


Rivalled by few, Shirogorov’s attention to detail and exquisite machining is veritably jaw dropping.


Boasting super-steels and addictive mechanisms, the Spyderco Para 3, Para military 2, Smock, and Slysz Bowie are all excellent EDC choices.

Three Rivers Mfg

Australian Authorised Dealer.

TRM Knives are thoughtfully designed and manufactured for EDC. Thin geometries, outstanding heat treats, and premium materials are just a few reasons why the Atom, Neutron 2, and Shadow are highly sought after.


Maintain your luxury knives with the best kit available. The ergonomic Wiha Stubby with 6 Bit Magazine is compatible with Hinderer & Strider pivot tools.

Want something we don’t have? Make an enquiry, and we’ll get in touch.