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Benchmade 533 BK-2 Mini Bugout


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Brand new with box, papers, and drawstring pouch.

After the tremendous success of the full-sized Bugout, Benchmade hit another home run with its 2020 release of the smaller version. The Mini Bugout features CF-Elite handle scales and takes light-weight carry to a whole new level. Despite this claim to fame, the Mini Bugout’s build quality feels stout and provides in-hand confidence. Bronze phosphor washers interface with partial length steel liners to ensure greater strength and drop shut action once broken in. Sporting a parkerised black deep carry pocket clip, you can expect less visible wear after knocks against walls and doors – we’ve all been there. Additionally, the abundance of after-market scale and hardware options allows you to tailor the feel/look of the Mini Bugout for a nominal amount!

Note: retail box has minor cosmetic damage.

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