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KPL Ultra-Lite Knife Lube


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Taking over a year of R&D, KPL Ultra-Lite is KPL’s latest offering. Why disassemble your knife to discover an unpleasant, and corroded surprise – wickability modifiers and the thin viscosity of this lube excel at reaching hard to access places, e.g. between steel liners and scales. As a 5 WT fully-synthetic oil, KPL Ultra-Lite also lends itself to situations where minimum fluid resistance is critical – bearings being a prime example. Although you can’t see them, additives in the lube suspend debris to reduce pivot wear, inhibit oxidation, prevent gumming overtime, and eliminate impurity-settlement-associated micro abrasion. A brilliant needle applicator makes precise distribution easy and mess free. Also a rust inhibitor, apply a thin film of KPL to your blades to prevent rust formation.

This product is well accompanied by the more viscous, heavier weight KPL Original and KPL Heavy – also available at Magna Knives.

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