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Shirogorov F95T Gen 4 – M390 – MRBS


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Brand new with box, COA card, sticker, and Shirogorov cleaning cloth

The flagship Shirogorov Turtle has just received huge updates – introducing the F95T Gen 4. As part of these upgrades, the F95T now features micro-milled handle gullies, and the Shirogorov Captive Pivot System which is sure to make disassembly hassle-free. So small you wouldn’t even notice it, the show side pivot screw also has fins opposite the radius of the slot, which prevent pivot tools from sliding out during maintenance – no unwanted scratches here. Also new, a captive body screw retains a Titanium backspacer which itself elegantly integrates a hidden lanyard slot. With a perfect 1:1 blade to handle ratio, the backspacer also features a thoughtfully integrated tip protector. Continuing the list of flagship features, the F95T Gen 4 has a 3D machined Titanium pocket clip with a hidden screw for a cleaner aesthetic. Pair the detent ramp with the Multi Row Bearing System, and both the closing action and opening action are oh-so indulgent. Excellent access to the chamfered lockbar allows fantastic thumb comfort during the obligatory extended flipping sessions. Built not only to look good, but also to perform as a high end EDC tool, the F95T boasts weight relieving internal pockets, and an M390 blade with a unique stonewash pattern and an extremely thin cutting geometry. A winner in every aspect, Shirogorov Knives’ F95 Turtle has clearly heeded the old proverb, slow and steady wins the race.

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