TRM Shadow Black G10

Order 6605, purchased 23 August 2023

Australian Authorised Dealer

Brand new with box, papers, and sticker

The coveted Shadow is an EDC enthusiast’s dream knife. Super thin 20CV blade stock paired with a tall flat grind provide outstanding slicing geometry. As we all know, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and with some of the best heat treats in the knife industry, you can expect TRM’s 20CV to provide maximum performance.

Addictive to use, reliable, and extremely strong, River Lok is unanimously loved. Distinct from other crossbar style knives, River Lok is easily operable with the perfect amount protruding from the face of the scales.

Shadow is also a fully ambidextrous knife with a deep carry pocket clip and filler tab which can be swapped over for the lefties. Buttery smooth phosphor bronze washers mean Shadow isn’t afraid to tackle dusty or dirty environments. A generous finger choil allows greater control for fine cutting tasks, and the grooved handle provides extra grip. Rarely seen on other folders, the blade has a beautifully deep logo etching rewarding a close look.

Further showing attention to detail, Shadow is adorned with a fluted micro-milled motif on the show side pivot screw as well as the contoured scale edges. Pick one up and see whether it casts a shadow on the rest of your collection!

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