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McNees MAC 2

Flicking brilliant.

McNees Knives

Proudly made in the USA, McNees Knives’ Performance Machined line are top tier knives assembled with the best parts available.


Rivalled by few, Shirogorov’s attention to detail and exquisite machining is veritably jaw dropping.

Ignis features titanium pivot collars and 3D contoured Phoenix Wing TechnoCarbo scales

Earthy toned ceramic pigment and carbon fibre scintillates brilliantly in the light while evoking expansive barren planes.

F95T now features micro-milled handle gullies and Shirogorov Captive Pivot System, making disassembly hassle-free.

Latest arrivals

Featuring global dealer exclusives, limited production, and Magna Knives Australian Authorised Dealer knives​ – all available for immediate dispatch.

Lynch NW

Lynch Prybars are ready to be put to work with a legendary no questions asked warranty.

Coming soon

Brand new stock – now available for pre-order.

Chris Reeve Knives

Magna Knives’ collection of industry icon Chris Reeve Knives (CRK), including the legendary Umnumzaan, Sebenza, and Inkosi.

Receiving grail status from many, Sebenza 31 superseders the much loved Sebenza 21, and stimulates a strong pride of ownership. 

Inkosi offers excellent service life and becomes thinner behind the edge as the bevel approaches the centre of the concave.

Umnumzaan is a powerhouse of a knife. A thicker blade stock and hollow grind provide better edge stability during hard use.