McNees Knives MAC 2 3.5 Fastback Green – MagnaCut

Order 15-10724-14835, purchased 29 October 2023

Australian Authorised Dealer

Brand new with box, lasered metal COA, and stickers

Proudly made in the USA, McNees Knives’ Performance Machined line are top tier knives assembled with the best parts available. MAC 2s come right out of the box with addictive action thanks to a ceramic detent ball and caged bearings. Offering the trifecta of great edge retention, fantastic corrosion resistance, and superb toughness, MagnaCut is a true super steel. The blade is ground to a nice and deep hollow grind which makes the blade geometry extremely slicey and a pleasure to use. Fastback milling on both sides of the pocketed titanium handle looks downright awesome while also adding extra grip. With lock-bar access being a breeze, it’ll be hard to put the MAC 2 down during an impromptu flicking session!

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