Chris Reeve Umnumzaan MagnaCut Drop Point

Order 2348, purchased 11 December 2023

Brand new with CRK cleaning cloth, box, papers, sticker, Loctite, CRK grease, and Allen keys

The Chris Reeve Umnumzaan is a powerhouse of a knife. With a thicker blade stock and hollow grind compared to the Sebenza, you can expect better edge stability during hard use. Despite CRK’s ‘form follows function’ mentality, the Umnumzaan is a paragon of aesthetic design language. Sweeping undulations provide comfortable thumb/finger ramps for enhanced downward cutting force and detail work. A harpooned swedge not only offers enhanced penetration abilities, but also adds the knife’s attractive aura. Hot off the press, the MagnaCut blade is heat treated to 63 – 64 RC, and offers the trifecta of great edge retention, fantastic corrosion resistance, and superb toughness – MagnaCut is a true super steel. Unique in the CRK line-up, the Umnumzaan is equipped with a ‘CR’ adorned lock-bar stabiliser to prevent hyper-extension. Additionally, the user-removable blade stop O-rings reduce excessive deployment noise – a feature that those in close proximity to you ought to appreciate. There’s a reason this knife is called ‘The Boss’, but will you be the one putting this blade to work?

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