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Demko MG AD20 Blue G10 CPM 3V Clip Point


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Designed and built by Andrew Demko and his team in Pennsylvania USA, the AD20 is full sized, and full awesome. The Shark Lock is industry leading in strength and reliability, while still being easy and fun to operate one handed. This is made possible by a unique locking mechanism which moves forward and back while also moving up and down – allowing for a greater-sized blade tang which provides a mechanical advantage. The Shark Lock also contains the drive spring is within the locking arm itself, keeping dust and dirt at bay. Pair this innovative lock with an impressively tough CPM 3V blade, T10 pivot screw / T8 body screws, and super thick stop pin, the AD20 is ready to be put to work. The diamond texture milled Blue G10 handle not only looks gorgeous, but also offers excellent grip. Further enhancing user experience, the AD20 features a captive pivot for hassle free maintenance.

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