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Hinderer Project X – Working Finish Black G10


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Brand new with box, papers, stickers, and tri-way pivot parts

Commemorating 35 years as a world class knife maker, Hinderer’s Project X is an impressive unit. The Project X is equipped with the Tri-Way Pivot system which allows owners to choose to between bearings, bronze phosphorus washers, and teflon washers. Whether you’re in especially dusty environments or you just want to change the action, the Tri-Way Pivot system offers significant customisability. The Project X also benefits from a lock bar stabiliser, steel lock bar insert, and a ceramic detent ball. Providing an excellent combination of sliceyness, edge retention, and tip stability, the clip point MagnaCut blade is a versatile beast. Sharpening is also a breeze with a generous sharpening choil. Extremely uncommon for Rick Hinderer Knives, the titanium lock side features gorgeous diamond milling for extra visual stimulation and grip. As if the Project X wasn’t already tempting enough, a spring loaded backspacer also functions as a tool for the knife’s fasteners – meaning you’ll be able to maintain your knife anytime, anywhere!

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