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Hinderer XM-18 3.5″ Spearpoint – Stonewashed Blue/Black G10


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Brand new with box, papers, stickers, and tri-way pivot parts

The legendary XM-18 has been a staple in the knife community since its inception in 2006. This evergreen design has received numerous quality of life improvements as manufacturing capabilities have grown – further increasing desirability in recent years. Most notably, the current generation (Gen 6) is equipped with the Tri-Way Pivot system which allows XM-18 owners to choose to between bearings, bronze phosphorus washers, and teflon washers. Whether you’re in especially dusty environments or you just want to change the action, the Tri-Way Pivot system offers significant customisability. The XM-18 also benefits from a lock bar stabiliser, steel lock bar insert, multiple deployment options, and a ceramic detent ball. Providing an excellent combination of tip strength and penetration ability, the spearpoint blade is highly functional. A finger choil not only allows greater control for fine cuts, but also makes sharpening a breeze. Once you’ve enjoyed the stunning blue/black G10 for a while, transform the feeling of your XM-18 with a full thickness titanium scale – also available at Magna Knives!

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