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Shirogorov Cyber Tool


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Brand new with box and Shirogorov Bear Head embossed microfibre cloth

If you’re a seasoned collector with any number of Shirogorovs, the Cyber Tool is a must. There’s no hiding that maintaining such knives can be a daunting endeavour, but with the right tools on hand, your prized possessions (and you) can rest easy. In usual Shirogorov style, the Cyber Tool is absolutely packed with tricks. Internal storage houses four bits with a spring loaded feature which prevents rattling. The button lock articulating head, which uses thick phosphor bronze washers, has three locking positions – 180°, 90°, and 60°. For screws with heavy amounts of Loctite, the 90° position is fantastic for generating extra torque in a controlled manner. When in the 180° position, the spinning palm rest is not only highly convenient for efficient screwing… but also serves to reduce long-term screw head wear as the bit doesn’t have to be removed and re-inserted with every turn. After the Shiros have been cleaned out and are running silky smooth again, the Cyber Tool is ready to service the rest of your collection. Despite having what appears to be a proprietary bit holder, the magnetic head is compatible with standard 1/4″ hex shank bits – what a brilliant addition! Made to the superlative standards that sets Shirogorov apart, the Cyber Tool will be with you for life.

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