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Spyderco Shaman 15V Brown G10 Sprint Run


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Brand new with box, papers, and Spyderco sticker

A modern pillar of the Spyderco USA made range, the Shaman now has joined the elite CPM 15V club. Boasting almost 15 percent vanadium, CPM 15V is a veritable super steel that offers the highest wear resistance of any cold work tool steel available today. As we know though, the extraordinary properties of super steels are only achieved if equally ‘super’ heat treats are performed. For that reason, Spyderco has teamed up with acclaimed custom knife maker Shawn Houston to ensure that each Shaman 15V blade receives the best possible heat treat protocol. Yielding extreme sharpness and wear resistance, these 15V blades outperform 20CV, MagnaCut, S90V, S125V and just about every other super steel in edge retention. Take a look at Knife Steel Nerds research on 15V for more details – it’s seriously impressive. Featuring brown G10 and a highly detailed laser engraving of Shawn Houston’s Triple B logo, this Shaman is immediately recognisable as a special offering from Spyderco.

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