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Koenig Arius DLC – Corda Patterned Titanium – Burnished M390 – Polished Flats


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Brand new with box, papers, sticker, and Koenig microfibre cloth

The holy trinity of Strider, Hinderer, and Chris Reeve Knives ought to re-consider how they define manufacturing excellence. Despite being a relatively new maker, Koenig Knives has managed to transcended the already superb quality and craftsmanship standards of this long-established trifecta. Gracing this Arius is an absolutely stunning Black DLC which, unlike other DLC coatings, does not conceal the various finishes on the knife. The black stonewashed hollow juxtaposed with the black polished flats create an eye catching two-tone effect. Koenig’s attention to detail and level of fabrication tolerances are the epitome of perfection. Perfect detent break, perfect fall shut action, perfect centering, perfect lock-up – it just doesn’t get much better. Featuring a hidden pocket clip screw and new Corda patterned titanium scales, this Arius oozes class and Bauhaus design. A DLC floating backspacer also offers unique visual flair and fortifies handle stability along the mid-line. Equipped with a tall hollow grind, M390 blade, captured pivot, ceramic bearings, weight relieving pockets, and gratifying acoustics, the Arius leaves nothing to be desired.

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